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Buyer FAQs

Important Shipping Information to note..

We can only legally ship WITHIN AUSTRALIA,

to VIC/S.A./N.S.W./QLD/A.C.T.

Unfortunately we CANNOT ship Internationally, 

or to States with bio-security restrictions - W.A./TAS/N.T.

We're working on it, and this shouldn't be the case forever! Stay tuned for updates.

Why 'Bare-Rooted' delivery?

The plants we're offering for sale are 'succulent' in nature, meaning they store moisture for long-term survival in dry conditions. This means we can post them without their pots, and they'll set fresh roots and plump back up in their new pots in no time, even if they appear a little dehydrated!

Can I Buy or Pickup In-Person?

At this stage we don't have a store/site for you to visit, but we hope to in future. Our flat-rate postage deal is the best we can do in the meantime, and there is one other option:

We attend the CSSA Monthly Meetings in Mt Waverley, VIC and we're happy to bring an order along with us in-pot to hand over to you providing payment's made prior!

Advice Needed! These are my first cacti!

Nothing excites us more than contributing to the beginnings of a collection! On the 'Growing Tips' page of our website we cover all of the basics like:

- selecting pots

- creating a quality substrate

- potting correctly

- finding a 'good spot' for them

- watering appropriately

and keeping them healthy & well-fed. 

Flat Rate EXPRESS Postage of $15.00,
How many plants?

As many as you'd like!

Due to the fact we can't currently offer local pickup we're happy to cover the difference in postage & provide a cost-effective way to get these plants to your door!

How do I track my order?

Every order is posted with Australia Post, who so-far have done a phenomenal job getting our plants from A to B. Tracking information is provided with every order, just check your email as we post your order! Tracking numbers can be entered into the AusPost app, or on there website here:

What if something goes wrong?

We have an excellent track record for careful & protective packaging and speedy dispatch, however sometimes things go wrong. We don't wish a bad experience on anyone, and we're only an email away from working things out with you! 

Please, keep us in-the-know!

Where can I meet other cactus lovers?

On our 'Other Resources' page we've listed a few of our favourite online cactus destinations, as well as the Cactus and Succulent Society of Australia's site.

There are Cactus and Succulent Societies throughout Australia, and we can't recommend locating and joining your local club enough!

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